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Re-Purposed – Antique Stove Burner Shelves

I’m always looking for artists or crafts people who re-purpose or upscale with vintage appliances. It’s not common but when I found this one on Etsy my mouth hit the ground.

Who has this kind of imagination? I have some wood, I have some antique stove burners from an old Monarch, I’ll make some shelves!

Miles and Aimee from the Etsy shop Atomic Attic have this kind of

They also have fabulous pet beds made from old vintage suit cases (makes me wish I had a little dog instead of my big Golden).

Upscaled and Repurposed – Lamps by Ben Mills

Kirby Duel Sanitronic
While researching the vintage coffee pots I found Ben Mills selling on Etsy.

Upscaling and repurposing is the best thing about recycling! Taking a “throw away” and making it into a functional and beautiful household
accessory is what it’s all about. Create, reuse and recycle!

Here’s what Ben has to say about his art and himself – “I’m a carpenter by day and an artist, lamp and furniture maker in my spare time.

I started making lamps about 15 years ago when I trash picked an old blue tricycle missing its seat and a torchiere lamp missing it’s base. The tricycle became the base for the lamp, it was pretty crude, but it was a start. Since then I’ve made over 40 lamps out of everything from clothes irons to oscillating fans to jig saws.

All have been given as gifts, I only recently started (December 2010) to sell them on Etsy. I live just outside of Philadelphia with my wife and daughter.”

I just love the Kirby Duel Sanitronic stand up vacuum and that iron lamp
would be darling in an office! Wish we all could see that tricycle lamp.

Ben can be reached at AwesomeZone4000@gmail.com or through my Etsy store Awesomezone4000.

Sunbeam Mixmastercoffeematic

Etsy – Funky Percolator Paradise

We all know ebay is a great source to find a great vintage percolator. But have your tried etsy Yes, they sell vintage along with their beautiful arts and crafts.

etsy has a great selection of funky percolators from the 40’s through the 70’s. From a 20 cup harvest gold West Bend to a Kar-N-Home portable model you can find them all on this great site.

I think the prices are great and the selection is fantastic.

Here’s a link where I put together 16 of my etsy favorites – just click on the link and then the pictures to see what I mean! (You might have to go to a full screen to see them all.)


Wake Up And Make The Coffee

Upcycled Vintage Percolator Lamp by AwesomeZone4000 on Etsy.I can’t function in the morning without coffee. I get up early – before 5:00. It’s dark, it’s quiet, no one is up but me.

I make my way straight to the coffee maker then on to the internet. I write, I look and drink some more coffee. I’m awake, I’m alive and I’m ready to move on to my life.

So you don’t drink coffee? Well great for you!

This week, I’ll do some posts on Vintage Coffee Makers. Funky ones, mid-century ones, the percolator and hopefully, interview Kevin Gillespie (a serious coffee maker collector). I’m planning a full feature about the artist who made that Awesome Vintage Upscaled Peculator Lamp, Ben Mills.

If you love the pic of the Upscale percolator Lamp – check out the other lamps by Ben in his etsy store, .AwesomeZone4000 on etsy. Here’s the link – AwesomeZone4000 on Etsy. Ben can also be reached at awesome4000@gmail.com.