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Free Antique & Vintage Appliance Appraisals

I am venturing off on my own after working for Vintage Appliances for many years. Please look at The Appraisal Page to see what information I’ll need.

If you have a vintage or antique appliance you’d like appraised please contact me. I’m looking to build some good references and am willing to do the first 10 for free. After that I’ll charge $25.00 for a written appraisal (cheaper than most companies).

You’ll receive any links I find through searches and appliances groups I belong to, a brief history of your piece and an estimated value. I’ll send you the appraisal through email and a hard copy through USPS.

I have a good list of references available upon request. You can contact me through email at antiquevintageforum@gmail.com.

Vintage Appliance Appraisal? Give Me a Break! Why?

An appraiser needs a specialty, whether it’s glass, guns or gunny-sacks it’s your knowledge which keeps those people coming to you for an appraisal.

My thing is big, vintage appliances. It’s what I know and it’s what I love.. O’Keefe’s, Chambers, Philco’s, the smelly and the funky. Give me more!

Vintage Appliances is one of the few appliance restoration companies in the county. I’ve worked
with Rich Allen for over 10 years and we know our stuff. We do appraisals.

Why would you want or need to spend money on an appraisal of an appliance? It might not work, avocado green or burnt orange with a peace sign, it might be butt ugly or sound like an earthquake – it might be worth $1000.00’s.

A notable designer or color, mid-century modern or cast iron might get you to the big bucks . Maybe it’s a one-of-a-kind by some obscure manufacturer, it might have not been working since 1936 or a pro-to type or who the hell knows where it came from?

Here’s what I know –

* You can get a beautiful reproduction, you’ll never be able to replace the look and feel of an original. You live in an old house, you need old appliances. Got a beauty? Keep it!

*There is no comparison to the workmanship of the past.
The appliances were built to last a life time.
They were the “new” technology with features and materials
that were meant used and abused for decades if not a century.

*A 600 pound Chambers Stove isn’t going to blow away in an ordinary wind storm, earth quake or tornado. You’ll need some serious muscle to move that sucker!

*The insides might need some tweeking or there’s a touch of rust. It can all be fixed.

*You inherited a “gem in the rough”. Find out exactly what “the rough” really means and get it appraised!