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Wood & Coal Stove Restorations

There’s nothing like the old wood and coal stoves. They go from the simple “farm house” style to the very elaborate with all the bells and whistles the Victorians loved.

The old stoves can be converted to gas, electric or a combination of both. Better start saving, we’re talking thousands of dollars but the end result is beyond belief.

Here’s an example of a Majestic Stove Rich Allen and his team at Vintage Appliances here in Tucson has converted to a smooth top gas range with an electric oven.

A 1889 Pilgrim also has been restored with the gas/electric option. This Pilgrim has a wonderful back piece with a colonial design and a pictorial in metal of our ancestors greeting the Indians.

This Copper Clad has been sold but I personally love a stove with porcelain and that blue is stunning.

Here’s a Monarch, not sure what you’d put in that water reservoir – maybe use in as a warming cabinet!

You’ll need a good-sized wall and a good kitchen design for one of these beasts. It’s sad that my kitchen is small and these are way over my budget. Dream on Jan! Dream on!

Re-Purposed – Antique Stove Burner Shelves

I’m always looking for artists or crafts people who re-purpose or upscale with vintage appliances. It’s not common but when I found this one on Etsy my mouth hit the ground.

Who has this kind of imagination? I have some wood, I have some antique stove burners from an old Monarch, I’ll make some shelves!

Miles and Aimee from the Etsy shop Atomic Attic have this kind of

They also have fabulous pet beds made from old vintage suit cases (makes me wish I had a little dog instead of my big Golden).