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Part 6 – Hoosier Cabinet Jars, Hardware, Accessories & Links

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I am finally over this Hoosier series. I am sure there are people, places and things I forgot. But tomorrow is the New Year and these post have to stop! I could do  a whole site on The Hoosier Cabinet.

In the late 30’s and 40’s the Hoosier lost it’s popularity.  Smaller kitchens with hanging cabinets became the rage.

I’d like a Hoosier (if I could find room in my tiny kitchen). I will continue to collect the jars –

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Here’s a few other links that might come in useful –

Hoosier Hardware at B & C Emporium

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Hoosier Cabinet Dot Com

The Amish Peddler for reproductions

An end to the year, an end to the Hoosier Manufacturing Company and an end to this series!

This blog will be a year old tomorrow. Happy New Year everyone!

Part 5 – The Hoosier Manufacturing Company 1920’s

Hoosier ad in LHJ March 1930
Ladies Home Journal March 1930 from sweetgaldecals on Flickr

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Picture from www.Slumberland.org Some great kitchen designs from 1900’s

By 1916 other manufacturers started making their own versions of Hoosier style cupboards. McDougall, Sellers, Napanee, Sears, Roebuck & Co. are just a few.

Kitchen design started changing. Paint and tile started to be used for easy cleaning. The Hoosier Cabinet worktops (originally wood) became aluminum and “porceliron” (porcelain-enameled steel), then exclusively porceliron.

Hoosier had sold over a million cabinets by the 1920’s. They expanded with tables, chairs, sideboards and a clever stool that, when flipped over, became a stepladder.

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For a dollar down and a dollar a week you could have a Hoosier Cabinet in your kitchen. If there wasn’t a dealer near you, they’d deliver. They had a Hoosier Cabinet Club you could join, a kitchen plan book (free with purchase),  a Hoosier Council of Kitchen Scientists. These people were advertising masters.

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The Hoosier Cabinet – A Culinary Work Station

Ad & Hoosier

From Indiana Public Media Article by Yaël Ksander

I’ve always wanted a Hoosier Cabinet (after I found out what it was). Besides being a big, honkin piece of furniture, it has a function besides hiding all your kitchen clutter.

This week we’ll journey to the land of Hoosier’s and get a glimps of how these pieces fit in the turn-of-the-century kitchen.

If your lucky enough to own one send me some pictures (I’d love to see them and will share on the blog). Send them to ramonasclutter@aol.com

1901 Hoosier Cabinet - A Kitchen Piano

1901 Hoosier Cabinet from American Vintage Home on flickr