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Revisit The Vintage Percolator

You have to read about John Poole’s mother’s coffee pot in his blog, Hawkins House. It’s old, it’s dented and seen better days and I’m looking for one just like it!

In his blog post he explains how the percolator works – “For those who are unfamiliar with this simple, but effective, piece of technology, there is a strainer sitting on top of a hollow tube. The tube has a flare at the bottom.

Ground coffee is placed in the strainer, and the strainer-tube assembly is lowered into the percolator, which is filled with fresh water. You put the lid on and then place it over a flame on your stove top, and as the water begins to boil, it “perks” up through the tube, is caught by the little glass plug on top, is deflected back down into the strainer, flows through the coffee grinds, and then drains back into the percolator’s main body.

And after a few minutes of that, you have the best imaginable tasting coffee in the world!”

Tomorrow we’ll look at Funky Vintage Percolators. I never knew they were so popular and there were so many. Mind boggling.