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The White Vintage Kitchen – Creative Storage

I am going through a “white period”. A cleansing if you will.

Over a year ago we had a major downsizing.

Our old house was antique country/westerny. We have moved in to the 1940’s “casita” (little house). A charming 2 bedroom, 1 bath with a room off the garage which we turned into a “crash pad” for our wayward adult kids.

Yes, I need to take pictures!

Because of life (getting old and having hubby “health issues” suck) I haven’t done one thing inside this house!! Not one nail in the wall. Didn’t change the ugly, country blue checked fro-fro contact paper in the kitchen cabinets. OK, I’m coming out of a decorating depression.

The stuff is here but I am stuck! Me….a woman with no style!

Oh, did I mention we inherited a beautiful flourishing flower/veggie garden. I HAVE been doing something. I am coming out of my decorating coma…….

I’m really leaning towards doing everything that cottage white.

Yes Mike, I know this is Tucson. Yes Mike, I know it’s the desert. Yes Mike, I know white gets dirty. Yes Mike, I will be wanting to use all the vintage linen. Yes Mike, I will be painting everything in sight white.

Here’s some Vintage White –

Love this dresser without the drawers….might find it as “road kill” on the side of the road.

Source: reinventedkb.com via Jan on Pinterest

Jars are hot, buttons are hot and jars with white buttons are steaming hot.

What about this wood letter holder (of coarse I’d paint it white) to hold dishes?

Tin Cans….

Serving dish storage –

Ikea CD storage for pantry items –

Source: designsponge.com via Jan on Pinterest

How sweet is this?


Update on The Hoosier Cabinet Series

I’m behind as usual. Xmas is here. Got a bunch of work in from one of my ebay clients and left The Hoosier’s in the dust. But only for a few days!

There’s so much I love about these cabinets. So many things were happening in history at the turn-of-the-century. I find it all fascinating!

In the next week I’ll take a look at The Hoosier Manufacturing Company’s Kitchen Design Book, all those great glass Hoosier jars and how they’ve become one “hot” collectable and what happened Hoosier company.

And lots and lots of pictures of Hoosier’s.

Source: youtube.com via Jan on Pinterest

The Hoosier Cabinet – A Culinary Work Station

Ad & Hoosier

From Indiana Public Media Article by Yaël Ksander

I’ve always wanted a Hoosier Cabinet (after I found out what it was). Besides being a big, honkin piece of furniture, it has a function besides hiding all your kitchen clutter.

This week we’ll journey to the land of Hoosier’s and get a glimps of how these pieces fit in the turn-of-the-century kitchen.

If your lucky enough to own one send me some pictures (I’d love to see them and will share on the blog). Send them to ramonasclutter@aol.com

1901 Hoosier Cabinet - A Kitchen Piano

1901 Hoosier Cabinet from American Vintage Home on flickr

The Chambers Stove – Let’s Get Started

Unlike many vintage stoves that seem to all look similar, The Chambers “stands alone”. There is nothing that comes close to it’s design, durability and unique cooking features.

Let’s start off with a bit of history – Around 1910, John Chambers came up with the very bright idea of combining the technology used in the fireless cookers of the time with the increasingly popular gas stoves.

Chambers first called his new invention the Chambers Fireless Gas Cooking Range we now know it’s slogan as The Range That “cooks with the gas turned off”.

In 1912, The Chambers Corporation began to manufacture ranges for the national market in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Interesting fact from www.chamberstove.net – The CHAMBERS Corporation did not spend a lot of effort (or money) in advertising nationally.Their efforts were directed more on a local level – through the cooking schools and demonstrations, merchant/dealer “give-away’s”, and local newspapers.

In the next few posts, we’ll look at all the Chambers features and models. I especially want to thank Todd at www.chamberstoves.net for his great site with everything you ever need to know about The CHAMBERS and www.vintagechambers.com for his pdf files!!

Etsy – Funky Percolator Paradise

We all know ebay is a great source to find a great vintage percolator. But have your tried etsy Yes, they sell vintage along with their beautiful arts and crafts.

etsy has a great selection of funky percolators from the 40’s through the 70’s. From a 20 cup harvest gold West Bend to a Kar-N-Home portable model you can find them all on this great site.

I think the prices are great and the selection is fantastic.

Here’s a link where I put together 16 of my etsy favorites – just click on the link and then the pictures to see what I mean! (You might have to go to a full screen to see them all.)


Rare Monitor Top Refrigerator YouTube Video

Happy New Year !!

To all my family, friends and vintage appliance lovers – have a great New Year. Take time to enjoy, live and love!

This one got my heart pumping!!  A  GE 1930 Monitor Top refrigerator. Just push the Watch on YouTube button!

You’ve got to love this cute, little lady!