About – Who is this Ramona person?

Jan Petroff (aka Ramona) lives in Tucson, AZ with hubby, son, daughter, grand daughter,  two dogs, two or more tortoise  and who ever is residing in the guest room (usually a wayward 20+  year old stray).

Resides in a late 1940’s “casita” right in the middle of town. 45 minutes to the top of a mountain, 15 minutes to the airport and 5 minutes to over 20 thrift or antique stores!

Worked for www.antiquevintageappliances.com on and off for over 10 years. Cleaned, polished, appraised and sold those vintage and antique appliances.

“Wheeler, Dealer” for decades! ebay, etsy, craigslist, antique shows and out of the garage – she’s sold it all! She’s also bought a few things too??!!

I can be contacted through email at –
ramonasclutter@aol.com or antiquevintageforum@gmail.com

4 responses to “About – Who is this Ramona person?

  • loudogsmama

    hi i dont really understand what i just subscribed to?? my name is andra and am wanting to the buy the vintage stove dont want to waste your time about all my past stoves anyways again im andra 503-222-5588 my daughter set up email a decade ago i never really use but i will be checking it to hear from u sincerely always im a renter here native actually

  • toby s

    i bought a house in mi a year ago, there is a norge never-d-frost fridge in the basement, that is in pretty good shape. a lady lived here since 1978, and finally moved on. there is a tag inside from an appliance place that says 1961, i think thats when they sold it to her but i cant find a year on it. i do have the model number and cabinet number. its white, and above average condition but not awesome shape. im trying to see how much it is worth, i dont want it , i just want it out of my house. someone offered me $50, im just trying to see if this is a good deal or not. can you help me ? thanks, toby.

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