What’s Up with the Blog in 2012

Yep, the blog is a year old.

I started it, to link to my past employer Vintage Appliances .  For the same old reason, “money”,  that didn’t work out.  So here I am, a vintage appliance appraiser with the blog.

Why am I still doing it?  I don’t make much money from doing the appraisals.

I love research (yes, I’m weird).  I love and know about vintage appliances.  I love to share the information.  I love people who have and use their antique and vintage appliances.   I stuck with the blog and it grows.

What I learned –

1.   Although I love WordPress,  I would have started out on a site where I    could  advertise.  I have no clue how to change this or switch my whole blog over so it can make money. Help!

2.  When you write, people read.  I don’t consider myself a great writer but hey,  people still read the blog!  So write more often.

3.  You can really make new friends over the internet.  You never see them but they’re there.  I can’t even fathom how much help I’ve got.  Plus a free avatar design from my sweet young friend in Manhattan.  They pump you up and are there when you need moral support.

4.  One of the things I ask myself – “will I care about this a year from now”? Yes, I think I will.

So what’s next?  More appliances duh.  More editing,  more learning, more research and more vintage kitchens.

Here’s a look at our next kitchen – The 1913 Red Vintage Kitchen in Iowa

Send me pics of your kitchen or appliances or questions or ???


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5 responses to “What’s Up with the Blog in 2012

  • Scott Sprich

    Hi Jan. Sorry, I guess I didn’t sign up for the post comment because I had to come back to read your blog to see your response. Having a site.wordpress.com site and not buying your own domain restricts you from using wordpress plugins to do your advertising. Not having your own domain name like http://ramonasvintageapplianceforum.com (no wordpress) doesn’t allow you to change much on the backend. You’ve been at this for awhile now so you’re obviously committed so maybe you want to look into that. This way you’ll have so much more control over any aspect of your site. Check out HostGator if you want to register your domain name and get your site setup as your own. I use Godaddy.com by everyone hates them. I actually don’t, but I guess it’s because I don’t like change and that is what I’m used to.

  • Scott Sprich

    Hey Jan. 1yr is longer than most stick with blogging if their not making money so you have to enjoy it like anything. I won’t begin to tell you the amount of projects I started over the last 2 years, with all the advertising and what not, but it doesn’t pay off that way. First get that readership, loyalty and trust up as you’re doing then start slowly advertising. I’m not a pro about how to properly monetize your site, but maybe some unobtrusive intext advertising. There’s http://www.kontera.com/, http://www.text-link-ads.com/, http://www.infolinks.com/ and more. Just do a google search for “in text ads”. Using WordPress these sites all pretty much have plugins to help you manage everything once you are signed up. You could sign up for the amazon affiliate program and start selling kitchen items you know and trust, ebay partner network, overstock.com, it’s really endless. Here’s a site I created strictly based on the amazon affiliate network: http://onlinegolfnow.com. I hope this helps.

    • ramonasvintageapplianceforum

      Hey Scott. I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

      My thought was to try and get some of the vintage appliance dealers and
      parts dealers to advertise. If I made a few more hundred dollars a month on the blog
      the hubster wouldn’t be asking “why do you spend so much time doing that blog”? Not
      that I listen to him!!

      Since WordPress.com is free from what I see you can’t have
      advertising (only on wordpress.org). It’s all to complicated. On Blogger
      you can just do what you want.

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