Research, Book Marks, Pinterest and The Hoosier Cabinet

Source: via Jan on Pinterest

1923 catalog/price list on ebay

Source: via Jan on Pinterest

French miniature hoosier on ebay

I am not a writer, I don’t particularly enjoy the part of the day that I sit down to put a blog post together.

What I do love is the research! I love being lost in the turn-of-the century. I love reading the stories of real people. I love putting it all the information together in one place – this blog.

My biggest frustration was sorting through endless unorganized book marks. Every so often I go through them and try to categorize and figure out why the hell I looked at thing in the first place.

Enters Pinterest – love at first sight. I pinned everything because that was what every other woman in America was doing! After about 2-3 weeks of serious obsessive pinning – a vision hit me. I am going to do an in-depth look at the history of The Hoosier Cabinet. Why can’t I use a Pinterest board to store all the research?

Here’s the board – The Hoosier Cabinet. It has grown and will continue to grow until ???.

So easy! Is this even legal? Is there a catch? Things which took hours now took minutes.

I have all my research with pictures. The links go straight to the source. No tracking down names, dates, websites. No down loading other people’s pictures. I just kept pinning and I had the pictures and information right there. Magic!

There must be other ways to use this site that I haven’t even thought of yet. It’s genius!

Source: Uploaded by user via Jan on Pinterest


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