I’m a Senior – Senior Day at the Grocery Store

Totally off track today. No vintage appliances, cute houses or vintage anything. Here’s what I am thinking about. My first use of my senior discount!

Up until now I’ve hated going to our local Fry’s Grocery Store the first Wednesday of the month. Senior Day!

White hair every where, people who can’t back out or in to a parking spot, ladies who stand in the middle of the aisle staring at the endless cans of soup on display. OH MY GOD, give me strength!

Well people, after 5 years of getting my fake AARP card in the mail – I am now a member. It made me a bit sick at first but here’s the bright side –

1 – I am a great driver and have no problem zipping my “huge ass, gas guzzling” vehicle through that parking lot.

2 – With a bit of make-up and jewelry, I’m not only one of the youngest women in the store I might be one of the most attractive!

3 – I can read all the labels (with out glasses or a magnifying glass) and read my list (which I usually don’t forget).

4 – I don’t have to hang out in the Depends section or look for extra fiber, laxatives or other weird senior stuff (knock on wood).

5 – I get 10% off my bill. Not much but I’ve waited 55 years to get anything off my bill.

All I have to say is – I am Senior here me roar!


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