1915 Craftsman Bungalow – A Period Kitchen, A Period Home

Adam and Jovita Blankenship ‘s home in Modesto, California caught my eye when I saw they were restoring their 1915 Craftsman style bungalow and adding a period style working kitchen.

A quote from one of his posts says it all – “every room in my house will resemble a look between 1915-1925”. The before and after photos are truly an eye opener.

The journey can be seen on their blog – 1915 Craftsman Style Bungalow. We travel through time and an 1980’s update to a stunning 1915-1925 restoration.

Here is the before kitchen. It seems to have been updated in the 1980’s sometime. It’s a typical functioning kitchen, like many Americans still have in their homes.

Adam working on the tile

Here’ s the kitchen – it’s stunning.  From the black and white tile, to the creamy yellow paint.

Let’s take a closer look – a darling working butter churn.

The farmhouse sink –

The reproduction Hoosier Cabinet –

The Occidental Stove –

And the Occidental Stove –

And the Occidental Working – OK, I’m obsessed –

Cookies – Soft Molasses and more!

The Pantry –

I thank Adam and Jovita for letting me us their photos and tour their home. They are newly wed and starting a dreamy life in the 1915 Craftman Bungalow.

PS. I’d love to be working from here instead of my kitchen table!


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