The Mysterious Snowflake Ice Box

A while back, James B. from central New York contacted me about his Snowflake Ice Box. He has had it for a number of years and was going to use it as a beer cooler.

I’ve searched and searched. There are the old wood boxes but I’ve found no metal clad pieces. No information on the Snowflake company or even a location where this piece originated.

Sometimes an Ice Company would make it’s own Ice Boxes for their clients. There is a Snowflake, Arizona, a vintage crushed ice machine made by Oster named Snowflake but as far as I can see no Ice Boxes.

Where did this “little jewel” originate? It looks to be from the late 1920’s or early 30’s. Does anyone have any information?

Here’s the dimension too!
Outside Dimension

H – 52”
W – 27”
Depth – 24”

Inside Dimensions

H – 20”
W – 13”
D – 18”

H – 21”
W – 22”
D – 18”

This Ice Box is up for sale – $350.00. If interested contact me for more information at

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