Where Is This Blog Going? Help!!

Where the heck is this blog going?

OK, I started this blog with the intention of making it a forum for vintage appliances.

A FORUM!! I jumped in and started writing before researching the FORUM part. What the hell was I thinking? I don’t have the time or the energy to spend millions of more hours on this machine. I have no clue how to manage or even start a forum.

It’s sunny out. It’s going to be 80 out. My garden needs attention. I need attention.

The thrift stores are calling my name “Jan, we miss you?” “Jan, we just got in some things you’d love!” “Jan, where are you?”

Here I sit at the machine. I’ve done my appraisals (hours on the machine), started a new ebay listing service (hours on the machine) and researched vintage things for upcoming blog posts (hours on the machine).

What do I do with this blog and its name?? Help me!! I need advice!


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