The Elmira Stove Works- 1850’s Reproduction Stoves

If you’re wondering what to put in a turn of the century kitchen there’s some great options for your stove.

Elmira Stove Works has their 1850 line. Yes, these are a big investment but for a “new” model these are hard to beat. 6 colors, gas, electric, duel fueled or the new wood burning.

There are endless choices with these Elmira’s. You could have what I call “farm style” which is a more simple, unadorned look or really get elaborate with all the finishes and trims.

Visit Elmira’s website to see what’s available. They have an inter-active page where you can “design your own range” and then see the results.

It’s mind-boggling how you could make a big impact with each one of their stoves. Once you get the stove done, you can add the rest of the kitchen with the refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher panels they have available.


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3 responses to “The Elmira Stove Works- 1850’s Reproduction Stoves

  • Cheap

    Wow, It think it’s priceless

  • Brown Road Chronicles

    I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a vintage stove in our kitchen. Interesting to know there are options that look authentic but still have all the modern amenities. Aaah but the expense does get in the way, but maybe if we ever get to renovating our kitchen… until then got to live with the 1970’s stove!

    • ramonasvintageapplianceforum

      Steve – those vintage 70’s stoves are getting really popular! Even the avocado green appliances are making a come-back. They’re built better than some of the “crap” put on the market today.

      A medium priced stove bought today is only said to last 15 years. Your 70’s stove has made it 30 years.
      Long live the 70’s!!

      Right now, I’m saving money for gas to get to the grocery store and hoping to have enough to buy food when I get there!

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