The Cool Features of The Chambers

In this old advertisement (stolen with permission from Todd at we get to see all the cool features of The Chambers. You can see more on Todd’s page on Chambers features

Love the racks that don’t tilt, the handles which little kids can’t work, all the insulation and the features here –

The In A Top Broiler – How cool to have the broiler and “sizzling platter” (you can remove the bottom platter and take it right to the table)
on top of the stove. “No stooping, no squinting and no smoke or fumes”.

This broiler has a heating element on the top lid so there’s no turning. One advertisement boosts, you can make 8 grilled sandwiches at once without having to flip them.
Bring on the Grilled Pastrami and Swiss!

Stole the pic of the Chambers broiler from Josh at Bungalow23. Great site with
his journey at restoring his bungalow and also re-doing and installing his 1951 61C. Some good photos and tips for the do-it-yourselfer.

The ThermoWell and ThermoBaker-

Here’s the ThermoWell which is a well which is independently insulated and used with different “kettles”. The one pictured is a triple. You can cook 3 different dishes all at once!

The C models have a ThermoBaker which you insert into the well to bake pies or biscuits.

Here’s an unrestored one from Vintage Appliances. What color do I want? Love the copper!!

I want a Chambers (hint to “the boss”), if I can’t afford one I’ll just write about them. Maybe the stars will align in my favor and make this dream come true!


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