Social Networker – Is This a “Real” Job?

This week I stayed home. Never drove more than a 1/2 mile down
the road.

Depressed about the shootings I – visited 3 of my local junk stores (in the name of research), made 4 trips to the grocery store because I kept forgetting a list, stayed in my pajamas all day Wednesday and cooked until I couldn’t see a kitchen counter in sight.

Yes, I have a “real” office to go to at Vintage Appliances. A “real” office with phones ringing, a fax machine, file cabinets and an empty desk. I’ve always wanted my very own office at a “real” business. I never go there!

I updated our facebook page, did research for up coming blog post, chit chatted and tweeted out.

How did I end up here? I got a pay check! Is this for real? Is a social networker a “real” job? What do I call myself? A facebook, tweeting research marketing executive?

Monday morning, I’m getting dressed! I am forcing myself to drive
to the office. I’ll take a few pictures, browse the rows of
appliances looking for homes, talk to the boys and maybe sit at my
“real” desk.


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