Etsy – Funky Percolator Paradise

We all know ebay is a great source to find a great vintage percolator. But have your tried etsy Yes, they sell vintage along with their beautiful arts and crafts.

etsy has a great selection of funky percolators from the 40’s through the 70’s. From a 20 cup harvest gold West Bend to a Kar-N-Home portable model you can find them all on this great site.

I think the prices are great and the selection is fantastic.

Here’s a link where I put together 16 of my etsy favorites – just click on the link and then the pictures to see what I mean! (You might have to go to a full screen to see them all.)

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4 responses to “Etsy – Funky Percolator Paradise

  • rosa

    I was wondering how a percolator like that is put together. I found one at a thrift shop that looks exactly like the one in your picture. You would be so helpful is you told me how, and also it is very heavy with a coil and would you happen to know what it is made of pewter?

    • ramonasvintageapplianceforum

      Hi Rosa – not sure how to put yours together without seeing the parts. Did you read the post about how a percolator works? Your piece is probably Guardian Ware which is from the 40’s and 50’s. It is made of a heavy grade aluminum. Read more here – -

  • Brian Stead

    I saw the Chambers C-90 video on your forum! Thats a beautiful thing, 2 cool!! it’s so funny about the song, its true, that’s what was going in my head when i took the project on! I got some missing parts, maybe you can help me out?

    • ramonasvintageapplianceforum

      So glad you like the video on the page. I sent you a message on YouTube but loved the video plus the song with it and put it up!! It’s now on my personal facebook page and I twittered it yesterday!

      Tomorrow I’ll be doing the whole history of Chambers and putting links to different resources. What parts do you need?

      Email me at and I can give you all the info.

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