The Ice Box Restoration

I've seen Ice Boxes used as bedroom dressers and book shelves but
what does it take to make this a modern working refrigerator?

If it's a rare beauty or you just love it, this might be something
to look at. (Tip - start saving your pennies now! This is what
turns that $600.00 box into the $6000.00 box!)

To hide the compressor a steel base on wheels can be manufactured
which the Ice Box would be mounted to.

A high efficient compressor, condenser and fan motor is
installed. The inside of old ice compartment is lined with
stainless steel. The next step is to install a new evaporator,
cold control, fan, electric lights and recharge the system with
an R-12 blend refrigerant.The exterior is refinished and a 
skirt is built to hide the base and compressor.Any color, 
new chrome or gold-plated hardware - the sky's the limit.

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