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Rare Monitor Top Refrigerator YouTube Video

Happy New Year !!

To all my family, friends and vintage appliance lovers – have a great New Year. Take time to enjoy, live and love!

This one got my heart pumping!!  A  GE 1930 Monitor Top refrigerator. Just push the Watch on YouTube button!

You’ve got to love this cute, little lady!

The Ice Box Restoration

I've seen Ice Boxes used as bedroom dressers and book shelves but
what does it take to make this a modern working refrigerator?

If it's a rare beauty or you just love it, this might be something
to look at. (Tip - start saving your pennies now! This is what
turns that $600.00 box into the $6000.00 box!)

To hide the compressor a steel base on wheels can be manufactured
which the Ice Box would be mounted to.

A high efficient compressor, condenser and fan motor is
installed. The inside of old ice compartment is lined with
stainless steel. The next step is to install a new evaporator,
cold control, fan, electric lights and recharge the system with
an R-12 blend refrigerant.The exterior is refinished and a 
skirt is built to hide the base and compressor.Any color, 
new chrome or gold-plated hardware - the sky's the limit.