What Exactly Is A Vintage Appliance?

What is an appliance?

I get up in the morning turn off the alarm clock, plug-in the hot curlers (yes, I’m still a girly girl), start the coffee maker, get the milk out of the frig, turn on the TV to watch the morning news and go to the stove to make a quick breakfast.  I use 6 appliances before even getting out of my pajamas.

According to the dictionary an appliance is  “a device or control that is very useful for a particular job”.  They make our lives easier, we can’t live without them

When we add the “Vintage” to the appliance it starts to cause arguments.

Is my 35-year-old, Clairol true-to-light III Make Up Mirror vintage?  Is a piece vintage if it was discontinued a year ago and you can no longer find it on the shelves?

Yes, the make-up-mirror is vintage. Yes, a cool, discontinued appliance can be vintage if it has some unique feature, color or feature that we may never see again.

I stand by my old school ways. If an item is 100 years plus, it’s an antique.  Everything else under the sun can be  considered “vintage”.

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