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Obsessed With The Ice Box


We’re seeing a big interest in Ice Boxes lately!  Why not?  They’re big, bold pieces of history.

Back in the day (before refrigeration) an ice man would come to your home and delivery the ice to keep these cold. You’d use the different sections for dairy, meat and so on. Some had hooks to hang meat!

The economical version was made of oak usually and lined in a tin.  The better the box, the better the insulation. They had a tray which would fill with water that you’d have to empty.

The metal Ice Box was for made for commercial use at first but  seem to have ended up in many homes.

The “higher end” versions were in wood but then we brought in the craftsmen  – carvings, turnings, mirrors and stunning hardware.  Bigger and better! Most of these have a hose with a drip system on the bottom.

Today, these are being manufactured by the ground up.  A wine frig, meat section, who knows what’s in all the compartments. The big, black beauty resides in the 1832 Hurst Haven Plantation in New Orleans.



What Exactly Is A Vintage Appliance?

What is an appliance?

I get up in the morning turn off the alarm clock, plug-in the hot curlers (yes, I’m still a girly girl), start the coffee maker, get the milk out of the frig, turn on the TV to watch the morning news and go to the stove to make a quick breakfast.  I use 6 appliances before even getting out of my pajamas.

According to the dictionary an appliance is  “a device or control that is very useful for a particular job”.  They make our lives easier, we can’t live without them

When we add the “Vintage” to the appliance it starts to cause arguments.

Is my 35-year-old, Clairol true-to-light III Make Up Mirror vintage?  Is a piece vintage if it was discontinued a year ago and you can no longer find it on the shelves?

Yes, the make-up-mirror is vintage. Yes, a cool, discontinued appliance can be vintage if it has some unique feature, color or feature that we may never see again.

I stand by my old school ways. If an item is 100 years plus, it’s an antique.  Everything else under the sun can be  considered “vintage”.